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Olive Oil Market in Australia

Global consumption of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has grown by 80% over the last 25 years.

The global market for extra virgin olive oil is expected to continue its growth due to rising demand and increasing awareness of its health benefits.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil market growth is driven by innovation within the highly competitive landscape. Resulting in key players investing in research and development to create innovative product lines.

Additionally, leading companies are partnering with major food chains, beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the personal care industry, expanding the consumer  base and driving further market growth.

36m litres

imported annually 
to meet
local demands

20m litres

in Australia

This highlights the excellent opportunities for vineyard operators to diversify and capture market share from imported EVOO.


Converting Vineyards to
Super High Density (SHD) Olives 

The consideration of converting low yielding or saturated grape varieties into a high demand crop may seem foreign for some vineyard owners, but there is an over weighting factor of farming with consistency and confidence in a crop which still considered "liquid gold"   

Spain Total - 2,400,000 ha - 40,000 ha SHD

Portugal - 340,000ha - 10,000 ha SHD

Chile - 16,000ha - 10,000 SHD

USA - 48,000ha - 8,000 SHD

Morocco - 680,000 ha - 6,000ha SHD
Tunisia - 1,680,000 ha - 5,000 ha SHD

Italy - 1,140,000 ha - 450 ha SHD

Australia 26,000 ha - 500ha SHD

Greece - 1,000,000 ha - 300 ha SHD

World Super High Density standings

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